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AloveZ Top View,the simple reference image viewer for developer and designer.
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You might find yourself in situations where you have to switch back and forth among the open applications/pages or view two windows side by side by resizing them into smaller windows on desktop for reference. No matter what situations you may come across, you can simply deal with this issue by [AloveZ Topview] to pin images on PC screen.
---Usage in Different Scenarios---
This feature provides great convenience to our life and work, it can be utilized in a variety of scenarios as follows. ---Teaching & Learning----
To those teachers or students who need to check answers to a test/exam, they can take screenshots of the standard answers and pin them on screen. In this way, they can quickly grade the assignments or examination papers.
---Web Design/Develop/UI UX---
Meanwhile, this newly added feature can also do a great help for web designers. When working in PS, AI, AE programs, they may need to view reference materials that they use for inspiration in design process.
When it comes to supplicated architectural engineering drawing or others, it’s quite necessary to check each detail of structures to ensure safety and security or create a perfect design.
---Corporate Operation---
As corporate workers, you are often required to do annual stock-taking of performance, data analysis and comparison. In this situation, you can use this useful feature to pin important notes and diagrams for analysis.
It's a windows software,100% Clean,No installation,No Registration ,offline software.